General Terms and Conditions of Rental

The rental company offers a ‘Bike Protection Package’ which if selected covers all damage to the bicycle *. The protection package costs 10% of the hire price per person per day. The ‘Bike Protection Package’ does not include wilful damage and theft, or the following points.

The rental company confirms that the rental item is provided without defects, and in a usable and perfect condition. The hirer must check that the bicycle is in good working order and roadworthy before setting out. Visible damage to rental equipment must be reported at the start of the rental period. The hirer is responsible for complying with the current version of the respective traffic regulations. The hirer undertakes to return the rental item in the same condition as it was received.

The hirer confirms having received instructions on how to operate the bicycle, and that he has familiarised himself with the technical features during a test ride.

The hirer undertakes to use the rental item for its intended purpose and with due care throughout the entire rental period. He further undertakes to take all reasonable actions to protect the rental item against damage. The hirer undertakes to take all reasonable action to protect to rental item against theft (use of a lock, storage in a locked space overnight, etc.). In the event of wilful damage or improper use, he shall be liable for immediate payment of the repair costs locally.

E-bikes must not be used on downhill tracks or in rough mountain terrain.

The hirer must treat the bicycle with due care and within the scope of normal use for bicycles, and observe all regulations and technical rules applicable to its use to avoid damage.

The hirer is liable for damage caused as a result of improper handling or theft of the bicycle by the hirer. In this event, the hirer shall reimburse the actual repair costs or the current value of the bicycle if repair is not economically viable.

The rental company is further entitled to terminate the contractual relationship early at any time in the event of improper use of the vehicle and demand the return of the bicycle, in which event the hirer shall still be required to pay the rental fee for the subsequent period during which use is not granted.

Before, during, and after use, the hirer is required to notify the rental company immediately of any abnormalities on the bicycle which may indicate a technical fault. The hirer acknowledges that electric bikes are designed only for asphalted or well-accessible fine-gravel paths, and that the bicycle is, therefore, unsuitable for cross-country trips on uneven terrain.

The renter is required to return the rental item to the rental point on time at the end of the agreed rental period.

The renter is liable for all damage caused by accident, third party liability, theft, and wilful acts, but not for normal wear and tear.

Any necessary repairs shall be carried out by the rental company exclusively! Should repairs be necessary away from the shop, email permission for the repairs and/or delivery costs must be obtained in advance.

The hirer acknowledges that the rental company is not liable for accidents nor for unforeseen events during the rental period, and that operation of the rental item is at the hirer’s own risk. The hirer confirms that he has private insurance for all consequences of accidents. Sport Salner GmbH accepts no liability in the event of accidents. The hirer is liable to third parties for all damage arising from use of the rental items.

In the event of damage due to non-compliance by the hirer, no claims may be asserted by the hirer under any circumstances. Minors under the age of 18 are permitted to use the bicycles only if accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Electric bicycles and electric scooters are not insured against theft. In the event of theft (police report required), the hirer is liable.
In the event that the rental item cannot be returned because it has been stolen, mixed up with a different bike or destroyed completely, the hirer will be invoiced for the bike. The amount is payable immediately at the shop.

Should bicycles, scooters, accessories, … become damaged, the repair costs shall be charged. If we are not notified of damage to products, we reserve the right to rectify this at the hirer’s expense and subsequently invoice this!

If rental of a product has commenced, it cannot be cancelled. No monies will be refunded. The minimum rental period is four hours. In the event of group bookings, the main hirer is liable for all the rental items.

The use of child seats and bicycle trailers is voluntary and free of charge at the request of the hirer and at the hirer’s own risk. The hirer is liable for all resulting damage to people or property. In the event of non-availability of the agreed items, the rental company may provide equivalent alternatives.

Should the rental items (or parts thereof) be returned prior to the end of the rental period, the rental company is not required to reimburse any of the agreed rental fee.

The main renter states that he accepts full responsibility for the accuracy of the details of the individuals renting by name, and of joint renters such as family, friends, acquaintances, group members, children, etc. The main hirer is obliged to inform his joint renters that the data given must be true and correspond to the booking date.

Check-in at the shop implies acceptance of the General Terms and Conditions, and at the same time, the rental contract is concluded in a legally binding manner according to the above points and conditions!

When taking over the rental items, hirers need to show proof of identity.

Data protection

In the event of a complaint (damage, repair,…), the hirer’s first name, surname, address, ID type and ID number are electronically recorded, saved and processed. These data are stored securely and protected against third-party access. These are transmitted to third parties (insurance, police, …) only to the extent necessary for processing. The hirer shall be informed of the transmission of data in the event of an incident. These data shall not be evaluated or used for any other purpose.

Final provisions

1. No further ancillary agreements have been concluded. Changes and riders to this agreement must be in written format. This applies equally to this written format clause.
2. Should individual points of the terms and Conditions of Rental be or become invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions shall not be affected.

Bookings are made with Sport Salner GmbH, 6561 Ischgl
Court of jurisdiction Landeck/Tyrol